1.Symphony X
2.Symphony XI
3.Symphony XII

Penulis: Isi Buku: Cover: Art Cartoon 260 gr Warna: Full Color Ukuran: 21,5 x 28,5 cm

A vigorous approach has been used in selecting the reading material. The process included getting sample lessons administered to a segment of students, and improving the material and tasks with the help of expert opinion by a panel of professional experts. The text selection includes stories, biographies, reports, poems, conversations, letters, etc. The text has been pragmatically picked to reflect various emotions and values. The idea is to develop a meaningful package for holistic education. The series will provide an enriching ‘reading’ experience to learners while facilitating easy learning of English. Language learning is essentially an interactive process. In ‘Let us speak’, students will undergo a learning process that covers observing, questioning, exploring, associating, and communicating. And in every listening session, the students can scan the given QR-Code to get and listen instantly the audio material via mobile application.